140. ¡Cuán sublime, oh Dios!

¡Cuán sublime oh Dios, cuán perfecta y gloriosa
Es tu Palabra fiel, descubierta a la fe!
Justicia, paz, verdad, divino amor rebosa,
Revelándote a Ti; gloria que siempre fue.
Es ella tierna voz del Pastor, del Amigo,
Es puro manantial do la vida brotó;
Es del cielo la luz que alumbra el camino;
Es la carta de amor que tu gracia nos dio.
Mas la divina voz, de gracia el ministerio
Por nos ha de concluir junto a Ti al estar;
Entonces en tu luz, Señor, el gran misterio
Sondearemos por fin, faz a faz al hablar.
How sublime, O God, how perfect and glorious is Thy faithful word,
Revealed to faith, righteousness, peace, truth, overflowing divine love,
Revealing Thee: Glory that always existed.
It is the loving voice of the Shepherd, of the Friend.
It is a pure spring from which came life;
It is the light of heaven that shines upon our path;
It is the letter of love that Thy grace gave to us.
But the divine voice, the ministry of grace
For us must end beside Thee;
Then in Thy light, Lord, the great mystery;
We will finally sound the depths, speaking with Thee face to face.

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