16. En Cristo nos has dado

En Cristo nos has dado
Pontífice real,
¡Oh Dios!, por Él llegamos,
Con libertad filial,
A tu mismo santuario,
El único lugar,
En donde como Padre
Podémoste alabar.
Con júbilo llegamos
Con himnos de amor,
Trayendo la hermosura
De tus glorias, Señor;
Perfumes difundiendo,
De divina oblación,
Al que fue siempre digno
De toda adoración.
Pontífice divino,
Supremo, es tu Jesús
Y por Él nos hallamos
En tu celeste luz;
Perfecto y sublimado,
Su propia sangre Él dio,
Propiciatorio excelso,
Do redención brotó.
¡Loor, suprema gloria
Te damos nuestro Dios!
De gratos corazones
Es eco nuestra voz;
¡Oh Padre! en tu santuario,
Tu gracia y tu poder
En Cristo revelados,
A Ti pudimos ver.
In Christ to us is given
A royal, great High Priest,
That we, oh God may enter
With perfect liberty
Thy holy place most blessed
Where only can we raise
To Thee as our blest Father,
Our worship and our praise.
With joy we come and blessing,
With hymns of thankful love,
While bringing all Your beauties
And all Your glories, Lord;
Sweet fragrance is arising
Of Christ’s offering divine.
Of Him who was ever worthy
Our praises to You rise.
By Jesus, the Supreme One,
Our Great High Priest divine,
By Him we find ourselves now
In Your celestial light;
The perfect One, exalted;
His precious blood He gave.
What excellent atonement,
That us redeemed and saved.
Our praise, our highest glory,
We give to You, our God!
From grateful hearts
Our voices echo our praises loud.
Within Your Place Most Holy,
Your power and grace so free
Show You to us, O Father
– In Christ we You can see!

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