3. En tu gloria

En tu gloria ¡oh nuestro Padre!, en tu celestial hogar,
Nos llamaste en Jesucristo quien nos preparó lugar;
¡Cuán profundos pensamientos de divina bendición!
Tan preciosos, solo emanan de tu propio corazón.
En el Hijo amado aceptos, Padre santo, Tú nos das
El lugar de cercanía ante tu bendita faz,
Junto a Cristo conocemos de tu gloria el esplendor;
Y por Él Tú nos mostraste las riquezas de tu amor.
Mas supremo gozo el tuyo, el intento de tu amor
Cumple-se en Cristo, tu amado, para tu eterno loor;
Muchos hijos hoy te adoran en Espíritu, en verdad,
Bendecimos-te ¡oh Padre!, por tu inmensa caridad.
To Your glory, God our Father,
To Your blest, celestial home,
You have called us in Christ Jesus,
Who prepared a place our own.
O, how deep Your thoughts eternal,
So divine, of blessings pure!
Thoughts so blest can only come
From such a Father’s heart like Yours.
In Your Son Beloved, accepted,
Holy Father, by Your grace,
You have given us this nearness
Here before Your blessed face.
For in Christ we see the knowledge
Of Your glory there above,
And in Him to us You’re showing
All the riches of Your love.
But Your joy, our God, is greater;
The blest purpose of Your love
Realized in Christ Your Beloved
For Your eternal praise above.
Many sons now offer worship
In the Spirit and in truth.
How we bless You, God our Father,
For Your boundless charity!

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